May 2020

The Hmm

Anja Groten and I developed a new site for  The Hmm, an inclusive platform for internet cultures.

September 2018

Studio Mae Engelgeer

The fresh new work of textile designer Mae Engelgeer needed a fresh new site.

February 2018

Kurhaus gastenboeken

Since 1894 the guestbooks of the renowned Kurhaus hotel in Scheveningen have been signed by many politicians, celebrities, royalty and artists. But until recently these books were hidden in a safe. Together with Heske Dam I developed a touchscreen application that makes these books accessible. The screen is on permanent display in the lobby of the hotel.

August 2016

Johanna Benz and Tiziana Beck run and they needed a website. Anja Groten designed it, I developed it and it’s online now.

March 2016

Leemans en Wicker

LEW is a fantastic Amsterdam-based fashion label, that I had the pleasure to design and build a site for Leemans en Wicker

September 2015

Kaleidos Research

Kaleidos Research researches global issues, such as food security, climate change, sexual and reproductive health and (fair) trade, and global citizenship education.
Design by Barbara Pilipp.

February 2015

Studio Sybrandy

Nienke Sybrandy is a wonderful and eclectic product designer. Together we developed a site that fits her diverse work.

January 2015

De Punt

I built a site for projectspace / gallery De Punt in Amsterdam. Designed by Anja Groten.

January 2015

Michiel Wijdeveld

I built a portfolio site and webshop together with and for graphic designer and cartoonist Michiel Wijdeveld.

April 2014

Mae Engelgeer

I developed a portfolio site and webshop for the wonderful Studio Mae Engelgeer.


October 2013

Micha Wertheim – Voor je het weet.

Micha Wertheim contacted me to develop some software for him to use during his comedy routine. The software, mostly written in OpenFrameworks, enabled him to trigger visual jokes while he was doing his show.